2.5 Uniform and non-uniform motion

Uniform and non-uniform motion Depending on the speed, the motion can be uniform or non-uniform. In everyday life, we often encounter movements where the speed of bodies changes over time. When the speed of an observed body increases, this is called accelerated motion. When the speed of the observed body decreases, this is called decelerated […]

2.4 Graphical representation of motion

Tabular presentation In the first row, enter the symbol and the unit for the physical quantity. Data is entered in the appropriate columns. Usually we have 2 columns.  See examples. In the first column we enter the values for time t and in the second column the values for the distance travelled by object s […]

2.3 Speed

Speed In Arphy’s walk to school, we tracked the distance he walked and the time it took him to get to his destination. Watch the next clip and think about the ways in which his journey is described. https://youtu.be/NBiA92-yBWA The clip shows information about the length of the track (distance in metres) and the time […]

2.2 Distance

Distance The distance is the length of the track of body at motion. It is labelled with lower case letter s. Look carefully at the distance Arphy walked. Where his starting position and where his ending position? https://youtu.be/MOvXmY07748 The starting position in this example is home and the ending position is school. He walked distance […]

2.1 Track

How can we describe the motion? Look at the two examples below and think about how the motion of skier one and skier two differs. The left skier was going straight ahead. He was leaving a straight trail.  The right skier was slowly curving down the hill. He was leaving a curved trail. The apparent […]

2.0 Kinematics

Kinematics Kinematics describes the motion of objects using words, diagrams, numbers, graphs and equations. In this chapter you will learn: How motion is described in terms of track and speed, How to calculate speed, How to represent motion with table and graph. Test yourself You can see objects moving all around you. See the picture […]