Chapter: 2.1


The track of motion is an imaginary trace used to describe the changing position of a body.

How can we describe the motion?

Look at the two examples below and think about how the motion of skier one and skier two differs.

The left skier was going straight ahead. He was leaving a straight trail. 

The right skier was slowly curving down the hill. He was leaving a curved trail.

The apparent trace used to describe the change in position of a body is called the track of motion. 

Motion can be described in terms of a track.

Depending on the track of motion, we can divide motion into linear and curvilinear motion.

In linear motion, the track of motion is a straight line.

In curvilinear motion, the path of motion is a curved line.

Test yourself


Arrange the examples of photographs showing a linear motion on the left-hand side and the examples showing a curvilinear line of motion on the right-hand side. 


In the picture below, 4 tracks of pupils motion on the playground are labelled. Mark which statements is correct.

a)The green and red tracks indicate curvilinear motion.