1.2 Measurement of quantities in physics

Measurement of quantities in physics To measure physical quantities, we use measuring devices. The measurement is recorded with a numerical value and a unit.  For example, if you are measuring the time it takes to tie laces on shoes, use a timer – a stopwatch. The measured time, for example 10 s, contains a numerical […]

1.1 Scientist work

The scientific method In physics, we try to understand the laws of nature. The path to explaining the phenomenon is often as follows: Physicists observe phenomena closely in nature or in the laboratory. They formulate several explanations (hypotheses) to try to explain the observed phenomenon. This is done with the help of observation and past […]

1.0 What is Physics

What is Physics? Physics is a natural science that studies substances and natural phenomena. The focus of study is on physical changes, which have the property that they do not change the chemical structure of the substances. Experimental work plays an important role in physics. Measurement, which we encounter every day, is also of central […]