5.3 Power

Power Power is a physical quantity. It is marked with the letter P. It is the ratio of the work done and time taken to do that work. The unit of power is the watt (W), which means joules per second. A watt is a small unit. In life we often use larger units such […]

5.2 Energy

Energy Energy is necessary for people and machines to do certain work. It is a kind of supply for doing work. Energy is represented by the letter W. Its unit is joule (J), as for the work. Test yourself Look at the example in the picture and think – what happened to the energy of […]

5.1 Work

Work The work is marked with the letter A. It is calculated by multiplying the force F and the distance s. This applies to cases where the force and the path are parallel. The unit of work is the joule. It is represented by the letter J. [N • m = J] So, for example, […]

5.0 Work, Power, Energy

Work, power, energy Work, power, and energy are very important concepts in physics. These concepts are often used in our everyday lives. In physics, we use them in a slightly different way. In this chapter we will learn: What is work in physics What is energy in physics What is power in physics